The energies of this Full Moon in Scorpio will be infinite. These will work with our soul, our divine infinite spirit and will flow out to our happiness, health, relationships, finances, work. You name it & it will happen.

Lots of passionate and active energy to push you through your desired goals and works required. Clarity will be there about many important things in life, and a shift towards awakening for all those who deserve it.

When I say, “deserve”, it simply means “WILLING” & “OPEN” to the cosmic energies which LORD BUDDHA will be providing this day.

Angels say that this Full Moon also provides us with energies so that our fears are dissolved; our anger & frustration which comes out of these fears are dissolved. Angels ask us to not look down upon the darkness, because, the darkness gives us an opportunity to shine brighter.

Difficulties are opportunities when we don’t let our self be billowed down with resentment, anger, & un-forgiveness due to them.

When you move with these open thoughts, you will reap the highest benefit of the Wesak.

Opportunities till the next Wesak:

If you are too cautious, you will miss out on many opportunities this year.  Since you have the potential of divine within you, this fear of failure is something of a test that you need to surpass. Remember the mountains are not to stop you from further journey but to test your strength, resilience & patience to succeed and to see that your surpass it.

So hold tight and let go off all the misgivings you have about yourself and see the divine light shine brighter in you and till the next year Wesak, you will have much to celebrate.

A lovely hope to light your path and see that you get all that you deserve!!!!!

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