Energy Forecast for New Moon October 2017 in LIBRA


The New moon in Libra is bringing balance & harmony in our life. The Angels say that relationships will take a new turn now. If you are already in a romantic relationship, things will look up from here and you will be more secured in the intimacy.

If you are single and wanting to mingle J Universe is forwarding the right time & the right partner to you now. Attraction is the name of the game the Universe plays with our energies, so make sure that you are positive, looking only for positive things and people to happen to you.

“Forget the past and move forward” is the mantra.

This new moon is also powerful in the terms that you will be attracted to your inner self, and if you have not been awakened to the facts of life, this will seem to you the right time. Contemplate, look at your life, and take stock of what you are and what you are doing, because all of these will help you in moving ahead with promise of a bright future laden with happiness, joy and fulfillment.

The burning desire in you will bring out the best and you will be propelled to act. When you will heed the advice of the intuition you will be able to find success with your work, personal life and relationships easily.

Never forget a day to meditate starting this new moon, because as you meditate you will be nearer to your inner guide and that is what is really important this year. The next year is the sacred number “11” which can be only “Karmic” or only “success” depending upon what you have been doing, thinking and feeling till now.

This new moon will drive this fact home because the energies are now more attached to the coming times of 2018.

Be very clear that if you are facing challenges, blocks and fears now, it will extend itself to 2018, a great year to see the higher levels of success for all who have been consciously working!!!!!

If you want to know what can you do or start doing these months so that you can reap the highest rewards in 2018, write to me immediately. Remember the level of consciousness within us attracts the kind of success.

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