MANIFEST with the YIN-YANG AMALGAMATION – Energy Analysis for Solar Eclipse with TAROT (21st August 2017)

The solar eclipse on Monday August 21, 2017 is at 29° Leo.

One of the most important events in Universe is the Solar eclipse when the “Sun conjunct moon” and there they present immense possibilities for growth and success. These energies will last for a year or more.

The time suggests the blending of conscious with the subconscious, which makes the energies driven, powerful and laden with change that can be initiated for one’s highest good. The Yin or Feminine covers the Yang or Masculine energy and if we need to reach to the success that the Yang provides we need to go through the Yin energy of Love & Compassion.

Sun, being the Yang and Moon being the Yin.

Also remember that a New Moon is the ending and a new beginning both and so is Solar Eclipse. Now since both these powerful energies came together, they are bound to give you results if you have been striving for your desires and goals. And since it’s in Leo remember to channelize the powerfully passionate energy into the right direction.

Don’t get into the emotional pull downs that can start with getting angry and frustrated and remember your focus will bring the manifestation alive. So, focus everything’s that’s good because you want good in your life.

Let’s start the reading then. But before we know the drill. Sit comfortably and close your eyes and then we will try a new thing altogether today.

This is your first step towards connecting with your inner Divinity and doing a personalized reading for yourself!!!!!!


In your mind’s eye see the 4 cards. Then say to yourself, “Show me a sign for the card which will reveal analysis and forecast for me”.

As you said this now see through your mind’s eye if there is some sign. Is any one of the cards glowing or the color is becoming darker or its just calling you or any card from which you can’t look to others? That’s you sign for the card.

Look for the answers below now.




1st Card – DEATH

You need to get out of the shell and get to know the real you. If you are afraid that people will not like you, have you thought enough on the subject of self-love???

Do you love yourself? Since the yin energy is dominating the Yang energy you need to understand yourself first before you move to conquer others.

It is simple re-birthing for you. This card is telling you so much more. When you look at the card, apart from its weirdness what do you see? You need to strip off your ego and strive it to be permanent, so the re-birthing.


Death means cleansing and detoxification oneself off all the emotions & thoughts not working for your highest good.

You really need to work through this to enjoy the energy of abundance that Solar Eclipse has brought. You are to be secure in your professional, financial and your personal capacity when you cleanse & heal.


Personally, I use my personal sacred symbol which I channeled, and its such a magic when used in healing & manifesting. I use it daily because healing is not one day’s work.

So I advice you all to keep it regular.


2nd Card – ACE of PENTACLES

Lots of opportunities for you, to move forward and realize your dreams. Many of these will be highly fruitful for you and you will create a niche’ for yourself soon enough as you have thought.

During this busy and times of exhilaration, don’t forget your core strength and your inner power. Always strive to work with them making them more present in your life.

Angels also ask you to solidify your position with your commitment to work or anything you strive for. Show the universe that you have the potential to take the responsibility and you will have many things to give gratitude for.


3rd Card – MOTHER of CUPS

This is a time for relaxation with friends & family. You have your work, your goals but remember to keep your thoughts & emotions happy and feeling loved. That is one of the most important part of manifesting, keeping your emotions right on happiness track.

And so, take it easy this week, dine out with friends, spend fruitful time with family, take a vacation and enjoy. Let your worries go and let yourself relax and enjoy the journey now.

Angels also ask you to open your heart more to share & care which doesn’t necessarily means to yourself only. Sharing & caring for others heal our energy in subtle ways and the heart opens up more to receive happiness from the universe. Share your love!!!!


4th Card – TEN of WANDS

This card indicates that you have been indulging too much into negativity, in thoughts & feelings. And thus your aura might have become accustomed to this energy so much that it attracts the same kind of people & situations who hurt you or put you to a disadvantage.

Never forget that you are doing it to yourself. This Solar Eclipse the pattern will increase and you will find a lot of drama in your thought, feelings and situations. You might also get into arguments & conflicts.

The indication from all this is to change the way things are with you. A lot of determination & will power is required to help you thorough it.

Heal and heal again, cleanse yourself and cleanse again. Be aware of yourself and your thoughts and work through it. Practice mindfulness and meditate regularly.


Let this amalgamation of Yin & Yang work for your highest good, for the life you want.

If you want to know anything more about it, write to me at




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