The New Moon is on 26th April 2017 with the most sensual zodiac sign, the Taurus. This New Moon in Taurus is all about reinforcing the stability of finances, supporting relationships & emotional upliftment. There is no urgency in this new moon, as you will discover. This is a more restful period where you know what to do and you will move forward with it without anxiety or doubt.

If this month of April has been a little tumultuous in your emotional & mental side then New Moon in Taurus will work up your security & stability quotient. Every change seems a little difficult at times and this month was a time of clear awakening to many things including your work & relationships.

Taurus New Moon with the numbers “8” & “4” is all about stability, reliability and prosperity. This reading has Swords, Pentacles & Cups which means this is again a beautiful emotional ride where the manifestations will be better.

Your mind when conjures up with emotions will give you instantaneous manifestations. So buck up and take heed of what you are thinking & thus attracting.

Remember to keep your Angels by your side, because you will get what you want but you need to keep your vigil and stay away from people & situations your intuition warns about.

This month will provide you with more secure position in your work/business/projects and with your emotional stability, with your loved ones, things will remain smooth.

Taurus ruled by Venus will provide us with the ability to see beauty, abundance & love and we will have to know how to reach them & implement the plan. It’s easier now and your life will flow unbridled with new ideas & thoughts.Venus provides beauty in thoughts & emotions and will help you in every possible way to heal the subconscious.

Keep your awareness intact and you will attract the right people & the right situation for your happiness.

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