On 6th September we are having Full Moon in Pisces, the water sign which represents total transformation, karmic unburdening, creating a new are and a new world and revealing the truth about our lineage, our presence.

Pisces is the sign which one reaches after covering each of the other 11 signs of Zodiac and thus have all the knowledge, strength and vices of each sign. Pisces presents to us the urge to complete a karmic cycle and start a new cycle, which might be a karmic one or one of higher compassion and love.

September in itself holds such tremendous energy whose impact we will all feel till a few years, and along with it the Pisces full moon is bringing in the total transformation to Gaia and its race (us). Many of us were waiting for this wonderful time and are prepared, while others are not. Wherever our conscious is dwelling right now will change and our awareness will increase tremendously starting this month.

Angels say that our inner strength will gather more power and we will be able to dispense and sacrifice any or all vices of our ego which were still hung upon us making our life miserable and it was difficult to manifest our dreams. The courage is not looking at the outer circumstances, situations or people or the outer changes, but to recognize the inner ego & the demons that it arouses. As soon as we acknowledge the ego, the demons inside us, the healing starts and so does the transformation.

The Full Moon is at 13 degree of Pisces which is such a beautiful portal that Universe is presenting us. The number 13 is the number of Death, Rebirth & Transformation.  It’s a wonderful entwining of the Universal energies coming together to open portals of total changes that is amazing.

All the worries will start taking a back seat, as the karmic burden is slowly and surely healed. We will also have more connection to the energies of Mother Earth and the protection it provides. Things & situations will start falling into the right mode of energies and along with it that positivity which many of us seemed to have lost in some months.

It’s an important time of transformation, so it also important that we surrender our self fully to the Universe and ground us to the divine energies of Gaia.

Work with both your AJNA CHAKRA & HEART CHAKRA to release all that is to be released and to be transformed for the highest good of us and our life.

Remember that Pisces also pushes you to work with your fears and doubts by opening them up more. It all karma that you need to let go and so determination to not get under any kind of pressure for the easy way outs in thoughts, feelings and behavior is important.

Your thoughts & deed will create your destiny, so be sure that you are their master and not the other way around. As in the last series of analyzing the energy of September ( , I said about being aware of every thoughts, feelings that we are having. Make it your daily practice or just a way of life from now on. This will open new doors of happiness & fulfillment for you.

Since, it is a time of healing & clearing karmic debts so I am doing a Karma Cleansing Meditation which can be started from 6th of September. If you want to be a part of it for bringing in your highest good let me know at, subject line:  Karma Cleansing Meditation.

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