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I believe in awakening & working with our own power, our own energy and with each individual session we together take a step forward to connect with our Angels, Guides & inner Divinity.

Sessions of Soul Insights are liberating & healing at the same time.

It is the deep & intimate communication with your Guardian Angels and Archangels who are overseers of your life on earth. As a communicator/mediator Angels provides you their advice, solutions, techniques for a particular situation through Paulamie.

Conscious communication with Angels give you a 360 degree view of your life at a certain point and what can you do to avoid a situation/change a situation, bring opportunities/use opportunities in your life. They are loving beings and pass you informations without judgments.

Paulamie creates a safe space for the session and then connects with you and your Angels. The questions that you and she puts together are for your highest good and is soul bound.

This is a skype or phone session.

What can you expect from this session:

  • Honesty & Trust
  • Loving Guidance
  • Soul Centered questions
  • Love/Compassion
  • Feeling of companionship with Angels

DURATION: 45 minutes


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Our Soul is communicating with us continually, we simply have to tune in to understand. In our daily life as we walk the path, deep feelings, some magic, strange symbols, unknown forms might spring up and they always do, letting us know how our soul wants to connect with us.

Due to our breeding we seldom are opened up to this kind of communication. Most of the times, it’s an extreme event that jolt us to our core, and that’s when we start noticing & communicating with our soul.

For this session Paulamie creates an open space of love, protection and peace around. She then proceeds to connect with you, your Soul on different levels. The advice that is provided is a guidance to create the life you want.

Soul communion opens us up to the deeper level of our self & life.

A cord-cutting session is free.

This is a skype or phone session.

What can you expect from this session:

  • Honesty & Trust
  • True Guidance
  • Deeper Connection to oneself
  • Love/Kindness & Hope

DURATION: 45 minutes + Cord Cutting (Free)


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For all the services which you pay here, 10% of it is given to a charity which goes either to feeding, medication or development.

Paulamie came on my phone screen and I immediately felt that I was talking to a friend. She had empathy, and just as a true friend would, she also had very strong guidance for me………..

C. Sonu

I felt a big connection in our communication which brought so much clarity and relief at the same time. Paulamie was so professional, genuine and very friendly……….

A. Jorge

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