October is a “2” month and is all about relationships. As I have stated earlier in my video for Energy Analysis of the October month, the momentum of this month is taking things from September forward, so, many opportunities, openings and portals for all of us.

This month’s Full Moon in Aries is taking this energy forward. Aries is the sign of vibrancy, power, using the Third Eye for one’s own benefit and moving. Full Moon in Aries is keeping up to these energies, and so you might feel the pull to act and the things which were earlier not moving starts moving beautifully now.

Only watch out for any kind of impulsiveness and do use your intelligence & sixth sense where required.

The Tarot reading for the Full Moon also emphasizes the energy aspect of the month.


There will be people helping & supporting you throughout this phase. You will feel cherished & loved and you will not forget your goals along with it.

The support and love will help you reach your goals that you have set up. Make your intentions clear this full Moon and you will reap the just rewards.

There might be challenges and difficulties in the path but that will not be able to deter you from your determination because the energies are strong and will help you keep your focus up. Its time to rise and shine.




The dreams are growing and turning to your physical reality this month. Energies don’t work with “chances” but with “certainty” that whatever you have reaped, it has grown and is growing now too. Just keep your thoughts and feelings aligned with your dreams. Remember this is also a month of aligning with your relationships, see the new projections and new opportunities and live them with certainty, honesty, love and judgment free!!!

Connect with your-self and others on both personal & professional platform to grow and help others grow too. The more you give is the more you receive. The Law of Karma never fails!!!!!


Along with the two cards expanding on the beautiful energies, there is also a message for our ego side. The card that helps us know about it so that we are aware and on relying on our consciousness is the FIVE of SWORDS.

It says that your negative mind is still working and it’s true to all of us. So, this mind will keep bringing situations, people who will bolster our anger, frustration and the deep need to be miserable. We need to choose what we want to be, and remember the full Moon in Aries and October both will give you opportunities to be whatever you want, only the choice is yours!!!!

So, be aware of every thought you are having, every feeling you are pursuing and every communication you have with others and yourself!!!

Be aware, be safe, and be successful.

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