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C. S.

Dear Ma’am,  I’m doing the affirmation daily in a systematic way. It has increased my self confidence more, not only that but also the sacred power of positivity of the Universe has suddenly started to show me many miracles.I’m able to see the positive changes in my career as well as in my financial matters also.And all of these have been possible only for you. Bacause you helped me to realize that I can do something great, the self-confidence!

I’m really grateful to you for all of these!

May God bless you more on your path thus you can enlighten the mind of all the people like me who have been turned into a paranoid about their future and bring them into the path of positivity and good hope…

G. Suryani

A. Jorge

H. Angela

Paulamie came on my phone screen and I immediately felt that I was talking to a friend. She had empathy, and just as a true friend would, she also had very strong guidance for me. Her confidence and positive energy made my session an uplifting experience.
That said, Paulamie was very professional. She was prompt, she set expectations, she was clear about the process, she paused at key moments to make sure I had no lingering questions. And she provided a clear pathway for next steps.
Most importantly, Paulamie has the ability to intuit. She instantly picked up on things that were not a part of my life (“you are not good at finance”). She was accurate about my qualities and personality. And she is accurate in the diagnosis of what blocks my prosperity.

C. Sonu

G. Lauren

B. Jaiya

I took the Angel Communication session as I wanted to share my feelings with someone who can guide me. I felt better after Paulamie explained my inner truth and suggested how to come out of it. During the session Paulamie made me feel very satisfactory and the start was good too.

Her reading was very much true. She offered me solutions/ways to come out of the difficulty too. I feel that the solutions she offered me will help me if I follow. Overall I will give the angel communication for me 10 out of 10.

S. Shubhra

My session with Paulamie was very enlightening. Some of what she said confirmed things I’ve known deeply or been told by other practitioners in the past. She brought to my attention some significant blindspots in my life. Some of it was hard to hear, yet the way that Paulamie delivered this information was warm and comforting and eased any worry I had. I’m very grateful that I had a session with her as now I have knowledge and clarity about how to approach some conflict in my life and begin to address the blindspots.



I wanted to learn manifesting & healing since a long time, and I have seen the work that you use to do with my family, the healing and manifestation work. So I contacted you to learn and boy, was I eager

When you started teaching, I use to feel so good because I could feel the angelic & divine energies around me. At times I felt tingling and even airy feeling was there, even when I was in a closed room during winters. When you instructed me through healing in this course, I felt the angels for the first time in my life standing close to me.

You teach so well dear, as all your words & information you share are in such a way that my mind didn’t have any issue in understanding & remembering them. I am so clear that I don’t even have to look at the notes. And through this entire course I felt the awesome power that divine & angels have.

I also learnt about color therapy, affirmation technique, visualization among other manifesting tools. In my day to day life I feel such a change now a day. When I go out I ask the Angels to make my journey smoother & successful and that is what the results are. The other areas that I have started working for are bearing fruits too.

I knew your course will be good and it was pretty awesome for me and the changes that I am now bringing in my life. Thank you.

G. Mousumi

“Di thank you for doing a reading for me. But when you had done the reading at that time my situation was fine, so I did not quite understand the reading. But heaven loves us and sometimes wants to warn us in advance, to save us from pain and suffering. Soon my situation changed and I was able to grasp the meaning of the reading. It was then that I got clarity of what the angels had said through you earlier.
Di you are an amazing medium, you connects with the angels beautifully. The readings are of immense help. They give me a lot of clarity about my situation and the messages from the angels help me get through life and make the journey easier and better.”

K. Ramanpreet
Getting a past life reading was for me, a well thought decision, after I decided that I am ready to accept and embrace whatever I learn, even if some of the information is not to my greatest comfort. My immense faith on and previous spiritual experiences with Paulamie Mukherjee was the reason why I chose her without blinking an eye. Paulamie Mukherjee’s expertise in the field of Divine sciences, Healing and Readings has always appalled me as I myself am a light worker and I learn a lot from her, every day.

The past life reading done by Paulamie Mukherjee was a very detailed and intense reading which gave me insight to many issues that I previously ignored or did not think that they needed much attention. The reading not only stated about my past but also found karmic and intrinsic links and cords from my past with my present and also much required guidance to a far better future. The reading was very wholesome in this way, as it not only stated an issue, but it also gave ways to solve them for a better future. The reading covered not only the answers to the direct questions I asked, but also many related information that came out in the cards and was beautifully interpreted and explained by Paulamie di. It led to many deep realizations of matters that did not have a logical explanation before, but now they make complete sense to me. Most importantly, after the reading was over I was given a detailed and methodical guidance on essential meditations, cord cutting, affirmations and healing necessary to make my future much better, based on my reading and related information gathered by it. This guidance has been helpful beyond words as I have been religiously following all that I was asked to do regularly and they have already started changing my life in many positive ways, by God’s grace.

I believe completely that if followed with discipline, love and faith these practices will change my life to a much more abundant one, with love and light. I just think that one should not delay in getting a past life reading due to lack of courage or ability to accept as the reading opens up many locked doors to a much brighter and more positive future and helps one to move on and ascend spiritually in a speedier way. I thank Paulamie Mukherjee whole heartedly , who since I know her, has always been an excellent friend, philosopher and guide and has always tirelessly helped me overcome many issues and challenges with her knowledge of the Divine and methods of working with Divine Light and energies.

S. Chaity
This has been almost a year that I have been continuously taking your help from my minor injuries to my severe pains. And my experience has been so good that it’s not easy to explain it (through one testimonial).

Your healings really cure the pain and gives instant relief that no other medicine could heal so fast. The most surprising experience that I has was when my right hand got swollen just before my examination, and as I am a righty I was unable to write anything and I was left with 45 mins to my examination. I was lost what should I do and then my mum told to consult you. I felt bad to disturb you the early morning; though I contacted you and followed your instruction and taadaa… the pain was vanished in just 15 mins. The swollen thing got reduced slowly and the fingers which were not moving and everything was just next to normal.

This is just magic no one will ever believe that such swollen hand can be made alright in just 15-20 mins that too from Kolkata I being not in front of you. It has been actually a great experience which I can never forget & so wanted to thank you for this healing and I hope to get more good energies in future, if needed. Thank you so much for whatever you do for me and my family.

Ganguly S
I know Paulamie since our college days. It was destined that I encountered with her. She was spiritually uplifted and positive by nature since I know her. But over the years she has established a towering personality which can manifest someone’s life in a positive direction.
As soon as I got to know that she started healing practices I have asked her help to bring some positivity in my life which was not going smoothly at all. She helped me by possible manner and never shows any resistant in offering her assistance to me. She eventually took the charge of helping my Husband who was also going through a rough stage in his professional career. Just a short note to thank her profusely for such an in-depth incredible reading. Absolutely fantastic insights for which I am most grateful. I was really quite taken aback with the level of accuracy and detail that the report I received contained. By accuracy, I mean, there existed parallels between those reported from my past life; thought processes, motivations, life choices; and this current incarnation

G. Manika
Hi dear, this one is just to thank you. Though thank you seems so small to show my gratitude for stabilizing my mind n bringing back my confidence n positivity which was shadowed by some unseen worries. I din’yt knw much about spiritual healing or positive or negative aura n I’ll never be able to know if you weren’t there!!

I do believe in God but you became the channel for me to reach him…… Urs prayers, the affirmations n chants u guided me really helped me to bring bk my true self …Moreover thank you so much for helping me bringing my little one to this world safely with a positive n peaceful mind…. love u dear

H. Chitra
Attending the Heart Sutra Meditation was an excellent experience for me. When I was told to focus, and the meditation progressed I became more at peace. The total session was very intense. I felt my compassion, love and concentration grew in this meditation.

D. Nairit
It was very powerful and it increases Clairvoyance also. It has a lot of soothing energy.

L. DIPEN (On Meditation Session), Lawyer
Paulamie, when I read your spot on reading was so excited and put my all into it. Yes you right, Paulamie you are so right about .my job. It did! Starts Feb 2013! Your reading was so spot on, was as if you know me and was just giving advice. I AM GRATEFUL! I thank you, you saved my life! Thank you.

Nuraan Van Kerwel
Hi thank you so much for the reading . It’s been worth waiting for, 100 per cent spot on with everything.

Lizann Nicol
Paulamie di entered into my life when I was losing faith like grains of sand slipping swiftly from in between my fingers and she reminded me of the Ever-loving God and filled me with much needed light. What she gave me was not merely a ‘healing’, she gave me eyes to see the love of God and the wisdom to feel His Divine Blessings and Kindness. What I got from her was so much more than a mere healing of my aura, she touched and healed my soul. She brought me back to life and faith. One can never say enough for her. Her simplicity and wisdom shines in everything she says and does. As a healer, she is blessed, she is powerful, sensitive and accurate. Her healing has added a bit of magic into my life as it opened the doors of God to me. A single distant healing has changed my perception of a lot of things about life, so much that I did not think twice before deciding to go for many future healings by her.

Thank you so much Paulamie di for being the person that you are. For me you too are an Angel, a wonderful and compassionate soul who believes in genuinely helping people with love and kindness. I am really lucky to have met you, let alone be healed by you. I will love you always….

From your ardent admirer

Somadder C
Paulamie has been healing my mother in law, Santwana Banerjee since May 2013 for severe osteoarthritis. At that time she could not even stand properly. With Paulamie’s healing and physiotherapy being carried out in tandem for one month, she could start walking with a walker. At present she is much better and her pain has reduced to a large extent although she still takes the support of the walker to walk.

In May-June 2014, she was suffering from stomach upset and her pain in the legs had also increased. She was losing confidence and was engulfed with fear of death. This was leading to bouts of initial depression. Paulamie’s regular healing helped her to recover within 10-15 days and she then regained her courage. Earlier her BP was also very high, now it is almost normal.

Chakraborty K.K.