November is the “11” month of 2017 and the numerology code is “12/3”. Two powerful numbers before 2018, the year of Master Number “11” comes along. Number “11” is featuring since October strengthening the code itself in our life.

The number “3” represents the mighty amalgamation of the Divine Intelligence, Love & Power, of all the three aspects of the Supreme Being and so many things are possible this month.

A very creative month presented to us.


 Aries  – THE RAM (March 21 to April 19)


November in itself has a lot to offer to everybody and to you personally its offering the financial freedom you have wished for since long. If you are looking for a job or new project you will be successful. If you have not been thinking about changing or was not having courageous enough to do so then you will get the required impetus.

If you are happy with your work, you will have new avenues there. Balance your professional life with your personal, balance your relationships with others as well as yourself. A wonderfully productive November for you.



Taurus – THE BULL (April 20 – May 20)


Lots of surprise resources for you this month. If you have been investing you will reap just rewards from them. A time when you will feel generous and sharing and in a way Universe is indicating you to care and share. There is joy and abundance both in caring & sharing, along with the happiness you also give what you are receiving thus receiving more.

Family will also feature in your important list and if not then make plans to share your time with them. A valuable month for you.


 Gemini – THE TWINS (May 21 – June 21)


Courage is what your subconscious needs now. You might be feeling a little frustrated as things might move forward according to your plan but after sometime they seem to get stuck. However much you try, whatever you try they don’t move ahead.

This month will give you the chance to just claim your success but only when you are aware of your subconscious playing the challenging games, you would be able to use the opportunities. Listen closely to your soul, your intuition guiding you and don’t fall for any fear tactics.


Cancer – THE CRAB (June 21 – July 22)


Be on a vigil to remove the veil that seems to have got to you where you are not able to see clearly what your soul wants or what your life can be if you listen to your core.

You have a strong mind but it might be that you are giving it a free rein and acting dumb, which is the reason for your misery and anger. Meditate a lot because 2018 is near and it’s all about the supreme gateway “11”. If you really want to live the life of your visions start this month. Don’t let your mind fool you!!!!


Leo – THE LION (July 23 -August 22)


The number “3” is doubling up for you this month and that too in the tarot sign of passion, grounding, family & centering. It simply means that there is a good sign of starting a family if you were looking forward to it.

If you are a creative person then your project will kick-start well this month, and if you are looking forward to finishing and going ahead with the marketing, it will reap you results.

Keep your anger & judgmental attitude in check and you will get help from unexpected quarters.


Virgo – THE MAIDEN (August 23 – September 22)


Be cautious and remain analyzing this month. Never let your ignorance ran into the work or relationship you are in. If you don’t know, find out first before going headlong for a reaction. You might feel you are ready for so many things, but you might not be. You are asked to question your own motives and that of others whenever you are taking a decision.

Time will be a little confusion for you, so don’t react to anything but wait till you feel you know the entire facts and figures of a situation or a person.


Libra – THE SCALES    (September 23 – October 22) 


A joy-filled month is indicated for you. There will be fulfillment in your wok and in your relationships. You will be pushed towards the right thing, right situation and right timing.

Everything will seem to be going fine in its own way without even your trying to do so. Let your anxiety rest this month and accept what universe is definitely bestowing upon you. Just don’t let your focus waver while you enjoy the fruits of your labor this month.

Every month should be a new chapter to bring in fulfillment and joy, so work and be happy too.


Scorpio –THE SCORPION (October 23 – November 21) 


Lots of emotions, ranging from the unwanted to wanted, many opportunities starting from what you perceived and what you haven’t and many facets of the life will open up to you now. Let the emotions not bring your downfall but your rising, so chose them correctly.

Let the opportunities open up to you new avenues and new ways of being happy rather than stressed and miserable so chose wisely here too. And put your best foot forward.


Sagittarius – THE ARCHER (November 22 – December 21)


Angels ask you not to get weary or think too much about what might happen. You can feel a little let out at times, but know that you are nearing your dreams every day, so don’t let your emotions go out with you but be very confident that you are doing it all right.

Mind and thoughts too have to be aligned to what you want. So, stick to mantras and invocations as much as possible.


Capricorn – GOAT-HORNED (December 22 – January 19)



Let your inner guide help you to sought out the right path this entire month. Never let go off your intuitive feelings and act accordingly. If you do it you will be rewarded umpteen ways. Also remember to look within your own emotions which are causing difficulties and challenges every day.

Your nature to hang on to people to feel good might be a deterrent to your happiness this month and it will also cause lots of emotional turmoil. Watch out for them.


Aquarius – THE WATER-BEARER (January 20 – February 18)


November can be your salvation and rise to success or it can be your disillusionment. Chose between them and act accordingly. Work with healing past hurt, fear and doubt. Stop blaming yourself and others for whatever challenging situation you are in or were in.

Remember universe within you wanted it and so it is. If you want to change your world this is the right time. November has the energy of Divine Intelligence, Love and Power in number “3” and also determination and forgiveness of “1” and “2”. Choose them and be strong, because it is propelling you to your good life.


Pisces – THE FISH (February 19- March 20)


“A White Knight” is what November is giving you. don’t conjure up somebody else, but it’s YOU who can be your own hero. So keeping with my mantra of being your own hero, all of you Pisces can be the same. It’s the time of fulfillment and magic. Work hard and socialize with people, bring your best to the table and see how universe is ready with a reward.

A very fruitful month for all your desires and dreams and so be the WHITE KNIGHT.


All the best for all your manifestations and dreams. Let’s make them come true.


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